Yorkshire BS launches first four-year fix

14th May 2015

Yorkshire Building Society has launched its first ever range of four-year fixed-rate mortgages.

Customers with a 35% deposit can opt for a 1.89% four-year fixed-rate mortgage, while customers with a 25% deposit are eligible for a 2.29% four-year fix. Customers with a 10% deposit can apply for a four-year fixed-rate mortgage at 3.54%. Each of these mortgages comes with an £845 product fee.

Brendan Gilligan, product manager at Yorkshire Building Society, said: “We think four-year fixed rates will appeal to customers looking for something in between a two and five-year fixed rate mortgage, yet few providers offer this option to customers, which is why we’ve decided to launch our own range.

“These highly-competitively priced mortgages are available at three different loan-to-value brackets, so we hope they will appeal to a wide range of mortgage customers.”

*2 year fixed with TSB 1.09% then 3.59% - APRC is 3.3% Max LTV is 60%. Quoted on 27th May 2020.